LANI: A brand of CBK GmbH

The LANI LED lighting technology for seawater aquariums designed by specialists for hard corals. With light properties that are optimally matched to the requirements of marine life, it ensures strong growth and an intense coral coloration.


Light on

Fish move through the flooded with light coral garden. The view gets caught in the colorful reef. It is as if you were there. A piece of South Seas in the living room. By LANI One transform your aquarium into a radiant paradise for all its inhabitants.

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Friendly to your wallet

Genießen Sie den Blick auf Ihr Aquarium-Riff: 50.000 Stunden lang bei gleichbleibend guter Lichtausbeute. Dank maximaler Energieeffizienz kann die LANI One mit nur einem Watt betrieben werden. Zudem kommt LANI One ohne eine aktive Kühlung aus und läuft weitgehend geräuschlos.


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