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LANI: LED lighting

LANI is a trademark of the CBK Intelligente Licht- und Profilsysteme.

Behind the name is a LED lighting technology for seawater aquariums, which was developed by Triton in 2012. Shortly after launch, LANI was able to prevail in the professional aquarium world. In spring 2016 CBK GmbH took LANI over and will introduce their first products to the market shortly.

LANI LED technology was designed to illuminate the ecosystem reef in a aquarium as best as possible. Within six years of development and more than two years of trials, we designed, together with experienced stone corals specialists a new lightning system to make sure all reef-inhabitants can perform at their best

LANI LEDs provide a comprehensive lighting for your aquarium without emitting heat to the water. The lights corresponds to daylight with a brilliant blue sky and reaches evenly to every corner of your aquarium. By LANI, it is now possible to illuminate corals reef at the highest level exclusively with LEDs. Even with rising room temperatures there is no need of a cooling unit or alternative - as in the previous T5 lighting - without the desired aquarium height. A further improvement in color reproduction is achieved by the increase of the Color Rendering Index (CRI). With all those improvements LANI transforms your reef aquarium into a paradise for all its inhabitants.

With LANI you can rely on:

  • The aquarium is uniformly brightly  illuminated.
  • All animals get the light they need to be able to develop their natural and healthy coloring.
  • The fishes and corals show themselves colorful and visually appealing.
  • The light quality exceeds the technical standards of T5 and HQI, especially in biological terms.
  • The LANI PRO is more energy efficient than T5 and HQI.
  • The functionality of the LANI PRO has been proven in practical tests.