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The CBK GmbH bought the trade LANI in spring 2016. We worked hard to present you a real quality product. Our lamps are produced in Germany. Every lamp is checked entirely before packaging, so that you only receive the best quality.

Our LANI / LANI Pro are available in three sizes, to provide an optimal lighting for your tank. It is our pleasure to provide an optimal solution with and for you. It is also possible to design a frame suspension for you. All our lamps are available in four colorings.

For our LANI / LANI Pro we only use the most efficient LED, that are available at this time. They work flicker-free and constant. The proven fundamental scheme was kept, also with the more efficient LEDs. The fundamental scheme was developed by Ehsan Dashti. It proved itself above the Triton-display-tank for more than five years.

In our Pro-Line we installed three additional color channels – cyan and royal blue, as well as the mixed channel consisting of green, blue and white. Cyan and the mixed channel support a better coloring while royal blue increases the fluorescence. Due the extensive lighting, the radiation stress is reduced and the coral reef is free of shadows.

We trust in our product, but in case a technical problem should appear, you can send your LANI/ LANI Pro in. During our support, you will receive a loan-lamp.

Without fan
Who doesn´t know about noisy fans? Our lamps work without fans.