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<h2>LANI</h2> <p>Our LANI in its basic design ensures optimum conditions in your reef aquarium.</p> <p>In our basic design, we have retained the basic principles that have been tried and tested for many years. (This was developed by Ehsan Dashti.) In our LANI, we have installed the most efficient LEDs available on the market. They permanently retain their colors and work without flickering.</p> <p>The following LEDs are installed in our LANI luminaires:</p> <ul> <li>Blue</li> <li>Cold White</li> <li>UV 365, 405 (mixing channel)</li> </ul> <p>Each color channel can be dimmed separately.</p> <p>Further information can be found in the data sheets of the respective luminaire.</p> <ul> <li>Nano (20x20 cm)</li> <li>Half (20x40 cm);</li> <li>Square (40x40 cm)</li> </ul>